Passion for the Possible: A Spirituality of Hope for the New Millennium


Title:      Passion for the Possible: A Spirituality of Hope for the New Millennium
Categories:      General
BookID:      6341
Authors:      Daniel J. O\'Leary
ISBN-10(13):      1856072355
Publisher:      Columba Press
Publication date:      1998-12-31
Number of pages:      296
Language:      English
Rating:      4 
Picture:      cover
Description:      Product Description
Examines the fierce desire to explore the potential for self-esteem arising from our own divine beauty, for a sense of our capacity for finding the healing light in our dark moments, for a new appreciation of our God-implanted creativity, and, finally, for our calling to redeem humanity and the world before it is too late. People are giving up on the main-stream churches in huge numbers because they find contemporary Christianity irrelevant to their hopes, fears, creative longings and often desperate struggles. There is disillusionment, confusion and anger in the hearts of many in the face of a closed, dry and dogmatic ecclesiastical attitude. And yet, there are undeniable signs of hope in the heart-searching of God's people for a new spirituality and for a renewed theology to go with it. In spite of the absence of inspiration and creativity around them, there are still church-going people who sense the stirrings of a new beginning within them and within their communities. They are drawn by the possibilities for spiritual growing, for fresh visions, for imaginative networking. Their hearts confirm the original vision of the creative Holy Spirit - a vision that is currently being rediscovered within the truest tradition of the Catholic faith. The amazing but orthodox theology of revelation that underpins this book will bring hope and joy to many bewildered and despondent Christian hearts.


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